Padres News: MLB likely to implement a 50-game season

(Photo by Steven Ferdman/Getty Images)
(Photo by Steven Ferdman/Getty Images) /

After the players declined the owner’s latest proposal, it appears negotiations are over. The next step for the MLB and the Padres is a 50-game season.

This negotiation process for MLB’s return-to-play could potentially be an early glimpse of what the Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiations look like after the 2021 season. On Friday, the owners presented their third proposal within the last month and a half or so (I’ve lost track by now), and the players immediately voiced their displeasure.

On Saturday, the players formally rejected the owners’ proposal and indicated that no counteroffer would be sent back. Negotiations are over.

MLBPA’s statement on Saturday evening indicated that the players do want to play, “It’s who we are and what we do.”

“Since March, the Association has made it clear that our No. 1 focus is playing the fullest season possible, as soon as possible, as safely as possible. Players agreed to billions in monetary concessions as a means to that end, and in the face of repeated media leaks and misdirection we made additional proposals to inject new revenues into the industry – proposals that would benefit the owners, players, broadcast partners, and fans alike.”

MLBPA also stated that if it is the league’s intention to impost a season, that they should inform them of how many games will be played and to develop a schedule.

“We demand that you inform us of your plans by close of business on Monday, June 15.”

Fifty games are, by no means, desirable, but it’s something. However, there should be a much larger concern for what lies ahead of MLB and MLBPA after the 2021 season.

Both the NHL and NBA successfully implemented return-to-play proposals with little resistance from either side.

But both sides in MLB, with particular emphasis on the owners, have looked terrible throughout all of this. That said, MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred went on record earlier this week indicating that baseball will be played this year.

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And now it appears the Padres will be playing a 50-ish game schedule with expanded playoffs implemented as well. We may find out the next steps very soon.