San Diego Padres fans need this Swole Machado t-shirt


Manny Machado showed up to San Diego Padres Spring Training looking… well… swole. It’s t-shirt time, San Diego. Step right up to BreakingT.

Manny Machado is looking to make 2020 better than 2019. The San Diego Padres are no doubt thrilled about that, because he didn’t quite live up to the first year of his mammoth contract. While one could argue no player ever really could live up to that type of money, it’s great to see him be proactive.

Machado showed up to Spring Training looking real jacked, baby. He’s lost weight, he’s added muscle and told everyone he’s looking to be the $300 Million Man.

So our friends at BreakingT went ahead and made a t-shirt that San Diego Padres fans are going to absolutely love. Check it out below.

BreakingT /

Manny Machado is hearing no talk of him slimming down in the offseason. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. He’s swole as hell. 

  • Officially licensed product of the Major League Baseball Players Association.
  • Yellow, tan, and white print on a super-comfortable heather brown tee.
  • Premium, lightweight poly/cotton-blended crewneck. Durable, yet ultra-soft.
  • Unisex sizing with a snug fit.
  • Designed by Athlete Logos.
  • Screened in the USA.

At this point, you should already own some BreakingT gear. But, if for some reason you don’t, here’s the rundown.

BreakingT’s motto is ‘Wear The Moment’ and they let fans do that by creating designs in real-time to react incredibly fast to the biggest moments and stories in sports.

That’s cool, but we wouldn’t be showing them off if they didn’t make incredible products. Their hoodies are loose in the right spots and tight in others, meaning you don’t get cold. Plus, they’re incredibly soft and comfortable. The same is true for their t-shirts. And the uniqueness of their designs speaks for itself.

So don’t wait. Order your t-shirt today for just $28 and tell the entire world who you’re rooting for.