San Diego Padres: Why a trade for Nick Senzel isn’t likely to happen

With the San Diego Padres having a need in center field the name Nick Senzel has started to come up as a possibility. But here’s why that’s not happening.

The San Diego Padres have been looking for an upgrade in center field all offseason. A.J. Preller has made it pretty clear that he’d like to fill that position with someone outside of the organization.

And after trading the team’s only true center fielder in Manuel Margot, and subsequently missing out on trading for Mookie Betts, fans are starting to wonder where Preller turns to next to find that center fielder.

Many fans, and even some reporters, have brought up the possibility of trading for Nick Senzel.

Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune (subscription required) even mentioned Senzel as a possible trade target, stating the Padres could use the excess bullpen arms they have to try and trade for him.

As you might imagine, that got #PadresTwitter in a frenzy dreaming about possibly trading for Senzel.

But let me once again tamper expectations by telling you why that’s not likely to happen.

I spoke with the site expert over at Blog Red Machine to get his opinion on the matter. He said he doesn’t think the Reds will trade him. Senzel has too much talent and too many years of control for them to move him now.

However, he did say if a team was willing to give up an MLB-ready shortstop or catcher then perhaps a deal could be made. And I’m assuming that shortstop or catcher would need to be under team control for several seasons.

The Reds are looking to win now and many think they are the favorite to win the NL Central going into 2020.

They’re not in a position to move a big league-ready piece for prospects — they want players who can help them win now.

That’s why I don’t think the two teams really matchup.

I thought perhaps the Padres could put together a package of Francisco Mejia and Kirby Yates, but I’m not even sure that’s enough to land Senzel.

The other part of this is that Senzel is not a center fielder, so it doesn’t help solve that problem at all.

Yes, he played nearly 800 innings in center field last season and is capable of doing it, but he also put up -1 DRS and -1.2 UZR while he was out there.

He belongs on the infield, but he’s currently blocked there in Cincinnati.

What makes more sense is to trade for Senzel and perhaps make him your second baseman of the future.

I get that Jon Heyman tweeted that Senzel is available, but I still think the chances of him being moved before the season starts are very slim.

From what I gathered talking to our friends at Blog Red Machine, the Reds would have to be blown away, and it would need to be for players who help them win now.

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Sorry to burst the bubble on this one, and as always, I’ll gladly eat crow if I’m wrong. But I just don’t see a trade for Senzel happening anytime soon.