What a trade for Kris Bryant would cost San Diego Padres

Now that his grievance is over, trade rumors for Kris Bryant are picking up and the San Diego Padres could be among the teams interested.

While most of our attention is on a potential trade of Mookie Betts to the San Diego Padres, another big name has suddenly come into the mix.

After months of waiting, we’ve finally found out that Chicago Cubs third base/outfielder Kris Bryant will be under team control for two more seasons through arbitration.

This is great news for the Cubs as it makes him more valuable in a trade, and it’s great news for teams looking to trade for him as he’s not just a rental player.

A lot of people who think it’s a shortsighted move for the Padres to trade for Mookie because he’s a rental won’t have that same argument for Bryant.

And just as a refresher, Bryant is a former MVP — like Betts — who averages around 5 WAR a season despite not being a great defender at third base or in the outfield.

But for those reasons, the cost for Bryant will likely be higher than it is for Mookie.

An article from NBC Sports Chicago suggests that it would cost the Padres Luis Patino and Taylor Trammell to land Bryant in a trade.

I highly doubt that A.J. Preller would be willing to give up two of his top five prospects for two years of Bryant.

Especially when you consider that Bryant will cost $18 million in 2020 and likely $23 million in 2021.

The Cubs aren’t likely to take on Wil Myer’s contract in this type of trade when they have other suitors that are just looking to give them prospects.

Plus, he won’t be able to play third base with Manny Machado there, and it sounds like San Diego wants to keep Tommy Pham in left field.

While it might not be a huge deal, and he has experience in right field, Bryant would likely have to get comfortable in a new position.

He does have experience at first base, but then there is the Eric Hosmer problem.

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I’ve never thought the Mookie Betts trade rumors made a lot of sense; although I am starting to buy into the hype from fans on Twitter. But a trade for Bryant seems even less likely, especially considering what the Cubs will want in return.