2020 projected win totals for the San Diego Padres

We take a look at some of the recent projected win totals for the upcoming 2020 season for the San Diego Padres and other NL West teams.

It’s just one more month until Spring Training starts for the San Diego Padres, and despite a somewhat slow offseason — at least over the last month — the team has a lot of hype going into the 2020 season.

Really, the only big acquisition made this offseason was trading for Tommy Pham. They’ve made some solid moves to beef up the bullpen and second base as well.

But mostly, a lot of people are just expecting this young team to take the next step into contention.

A little while back I polled #PadresTwitter to see how many wins they expect the team to win in 2020. We got 22 responses back and the average of those responses was an 82-win season.

That seems pretty fair and gives this team a winning season.

Now let’s look at some projections for other outlets.

Caesers Entertainment put the Padres over/under win total for 2020 at 83.

The Action Network has the Padres projected 2020 win total at 84 with a 6 percent change to win the division. They have them just behind the Arizona Diamondbacks for third in the NL West.

Clay Davenport has San Diego finishing second in the NL West with 85 wins, which they have as good enough to take the second NL Wild Card spot.

Myself, I’ve been thinking 86 wins lately. Maybe it’s the excitement of the season getting to me, but I’m really starting to get optimistic about this team’s chances of competing in 2020.

Of course, a lot can change during a 162 game season. But A.J. Preller knows his job is on the line and he’s going to do whatever it takes to make sure this team wins in 2020.

If there isn’t another big move to be made this offseason, then I think he’ll make one during the season as long as this team stays competitive.

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Somewhere between 82-85 wins seems very realistic with how this team is currently constructed. Let us know in the comments below your win projections for the Padres in 2020.

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