San Diego Padres: Realistic trade targets to bolster starting rotation

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Garrett Richards #43 of the San Diego Padres. (Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images)

The San Diego Padres have had an active offseason, but starting pitching remains a question mark that should be addressed.  We take a look at some realistic options that the Padres could deal for that would answer the lingering questions.

There are many things to like about the currently constructed version of the San Diego Padres‘ starting pitching rotation. A lot of young talent with room to improve highlight what can be a very respectable group if all goes to plan.

Mixed in with their young talent is 31 year-old Garrett Richards who has pitched fewer than 150 innings in the last four seasons. Another question that adds to the lack of obvious stability.

What they are missing is a seasoned arm with a positive track record to mix with the young group to provide some balance among a group who will likely face lulls during a long season. Someone who they can turn to in the big moments that require experience and composure.

While it would be really nice to acquire an ace type of pitcher to add to this current group, that would require a hefty price that the Padres might not be willing to part with.

I don’t believe this addition needs to be as flashy to have significant results.

Whether an ace or not, experience can go a long way and might not cost top end prospects.

Here is a list of trade targets that the San Diego Padres should consider to balance out their rotation.

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