3 San Diego Padres prospects that should be untouchable

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Luis Urias #9 of the San Diego Padres. (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)

We look at three San Diego Padres prospects who should be untouchable as the team looks to upgrade through trades this offseason.

The San Diego Padres still have one of the best farm systems in all of baseball and A.J. Preller has shown this offseason that he will use that depth in order to upgrade this team.

But there are three prospects I would consider untouchable for this team.

I do believe that you have to let go of some of that depth to improve your team, especially when you’re a team like the Padres, and especially when you have a chance to win.

However, it still seems like San Diego is at least a year away from making that big trade in order to put the team over the top.

We need to see this team prove on the field that they are capable of being a winning team that can make the postseason and win.

I do believe that happens in 2020 and we see Preller make some moves during the season to improve this team.

Back in August Jim Callis of MLB.com ranked the Padres farm system as the best in baseball with seven players ranked in the top 100.

Since then, Luis Urias and Xavier Edwards have both been traded, leaving the Padres with five top 100 prospects.

But as we go forward and Preller continues to look at the trade market for upgrades, here are three players that I believe should be part of the future in San Diego.

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