Do San Diego Padres need to make a blockbuster trade this offseason

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Tommy  Pham #29 of the Tampa Bay Rays and now San Diego Padres. (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

We look at whether or not the San Diego Padres need to make a blockbuster move this offseason in order to compete in 2020.

The San Diego Padres are definitely a better team right now than they were in 2020 simply by the acquisition of Tommy Pham.

If we go into the 2020 season with the roster as currently constructed and everyone stays healthy, I believe this team can win 80-85 games.

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While that’s certainly an improvement from 2019 and gives the team a chance at their first winning record since 2010, I’m not sure that it’s enough to get them in the playoffs.

It still feels like there is something missing for this roster to put them over the top.

And if the goal from A.J. Preller and the front office is to reach the postseason in 2020, then they can’t be finished making moves.

It was a quiet month of December for Preller as we waited, and continue to wait, for some of the top free agents to come off the board.

There still remain three highly prized free agents in Josh Donaldson, Marcell Ozuna, and Nicholas Castellanos.

San Diego doesn’t figure to be involved on any of those players, but once they sign we should start to see the trade market open up, and that’s where the Padres will be very active.

I expect January to be a very active month for San Diego, and really all of baseball with tons of trade rumors and speculation.

Do we see the Padres make a blockbuster move this offseason, and what would that look like?

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