San Diego Padres: Why trading for Francisco Lindor makes no sense

Despite wide speculation that the San Diego Padres have interest in trading for Francisco  Lindor, here is why it makes no sense.

I get that San Diego Padres fans are desperate for a winner in 2020, and acquiring someone like Francisco Lindor would certainly help that happen, but is that really what’s best for the franchise going forward?

The first thing we should really look at is the validity of this rumor.

In the article by Ken Rosenthal on The Athletic (money required) with reporting from Dennis Lin, it simply mentions that A.J. Preller checks in on every big trade target.

That should come as no surprise to anyone as Preller is a very active GM and he should check in on every possible scenario.

But fans on Twitter seem to be taking this to heart like discussions are serious when it was probably nothing more than a phone quick phone call.

I get the attraction for Lindor. He has two years of control left through arbitration and is an All-Star talent that would make the Padres lineup a legitimate threat.

However, if you think San Diego could acquire him without giving up MacKenzie Gore or Luis Patino you’re delusional.

And does it really make sense to trade for two years of Lindor and give up seven years of a possible top of the rotation starting pitcher?

Unless you think the Padres are going to win a World Series in the next tw seasons — and I unfortunately don’t — then that makes no sense.

You only make a trade like this if you’re team is on the cusp of winning the World Series and a player like Lindor puts you over the top. Maybe San Diego is in a position to make a trade like this two offseason from now, but we are not a Lindor away from winning a World Series.

Plus, the Padres already have their Lindor in Fernando Tatis Jr. Are we really going to move our franchise player to a position (center field) he’s never even played in his career?

I like the out-of-the-box thinking, and I’m all for players having versatility, but not when you’re talking about the most important position on the field.

Tatis is the Padres shortstop for now and forevermore … that’s not changing.

While it’s nice to talk about and debate on Twitter, there really isn’t a debate here. Trading for Francisco Lindor makes zero sense for the Padres.