Report: Padres not confident they can sign Stephen Strasburg

A report from the San Diego Union-Tribune states that the San Diego Padres aren’t willing to go for the asking price on Stephen Strasburg or Gerrit Cole.

While the San Diego Padres look to upgrade their starting rotation this offseason, hopes home them signing homegrown Stephen Strasburg took a hit on Tuesday.

According to a report from Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune (subscription require), sources say they will not be in the market for Stephen Strasburg at the current asking price.

Acee stats that the current asking price for Strasburg is expected to be around 6 six years for $30-$34 million a year.

That’ certainly not new news as many outlets have predicted that Strasburg would get a six-year deal for around $180 million.

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Personally, I think this report is a bunch of hogwash (excuse my Southern slang).

First of all, the report that they won’t go after comes from a source and is not a direct quote from somebody in the Padres’ front office (that we know of).

And there is nothing else in the article that really makes me think they have changed their plans to go after Strasburg.

Acee himself already reported this offseason that the Padres could be suitors for Strasburg.

Unless they were just clueless before of what Strasburg would command, then it’s hard to believe they all of sudden aren’t serious about signing him.

Now as a fan, I wouldn’t want the Padres to give Strasburg six years and $180 million. That’s way too much for a pitcher coming off a huge workload at the end of his career.

Instead, I’ll feel more comfortable with a five-year deal for around $150 million and maybe a sixth-year option.

But again, I think despite this report the Padres will be very aggressive in going after Strasburg this offseason.
I never really saw Gerrit Cole as an option, so it’s not surprising that they won’t pursue him and the close to $300 million contract he’ll want.

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Do you think the Padres will still sign Stephen Strasburg? How much is too much for the San Diego native? Let us know in the comments below.


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