San Diego Padres: Three Days Until Spring Training

LOS ANGELES - JUNE 29: Closer Trevor Hoffman
LOS ANGELES - JUNE 29: Closer Trevor Hoffman /

Can you feel the excitement in the air? San Diego Padres’ baseball will be back in just three days! Let’s take a look at the three Padres’ giveaway items (non-bobblehead) that are a must-have in 2018!

The San Diego Padres’ promotional schedule for 2018 is absolutely incredible. The highlight of the schedule is a plethora of items commemorating newly enshrined Hall of Famer, Trevor Hoffman, along with a series of giveaways celebrating the 1998 National League Championship team.

There are simply too many awesome bobblehead giveaways to highlight in this post. Instead, with three days left before spring training, let’s look at the top three non-bobblehead giveaway items for 2018.

Two Jersey Giveaways Honor San Diego Padres’ Legends.

Take a step into the time machine on Way Back Wednesday, July 11th, as the Padres take on the Los Angeles Dodgers. There will be five of these themed games in 2018, but on July 11th, fans with a Theme Day ticket will receive a replica Tony Gwynn home jersey from 1998.

On August 16th, all fans (on a first-come, first-serve basis), can grab a replica jersey of Hall of Famer, Trevor Hoffman. Celebrate the two greatest players in San Diego Padres’ history by adding their jersey’s to your collection and wear them proudly at the ballpark!

Hats, Hats, and More San Diego Padre Themed Hats.

San Diego will be giving away 15 different hats this year at Petco Park. Most of these are Theme Day giveaways, so make sure you buy your Theme Day ticket if you want to grab one of these.

It all begins on Opening Day as all fans are eligible to receive a 2018 San Diego Padres hat.

Theme Day hats include: Out At The Park, Comic-Con, Memorial Day, Graduation-themed, 4th of July, Cowboy, Jewish heritage, and Beach hat giveaways.

The Padres will also feature a number of hats honoring a vast array of nationalities. There will be Italian, Irish, German, Filipino, Pacific Islander, and Native American themed ball caps.

Just when you thought baseball couldn’t get more beautiful, it does. The franchise is going out of it’s way this season to honor people of all nationalities, lifestyles, and beliefs. Get out to Petco Park and help the team celebrate fans of all backgrounds.

Celebrating San Diego Padres’ Hall of Famer Trevor Hoffman.

The Padres will honor the enshrinement of Trevor Hoffman into the MLB Hall of Fame with a four-day giveaway celebration, August 16-19. The first of these giveaways is the replica jersey which we’ve already mentioned.

The highlight of the series comes Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday, the 18th, all fans can grab a replica Trevor Hoffman Cooperstown Plaque. The plaque would not be complete without Sunday’s giveaway, a Trevor Hoffman statue.

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The San Diego Padres finally got it right. After hearing harsh criticisms from fans last year, the Padres listened. Front office and staff members deserve a round of applause from fans when they get to the ballpark this year.