San Diego Padres: Week #10 power rankings update

Where do the San Diego Padres stand according to power rankings as the season is ten weeks in? We take a look at all of the major lists.

Following their best week of the season, the San Diego Padres ran into another rough stretch this week when they played in Arizona and the Diamondbacks and back at Petco Park against the Kansas City Royals.

Losing five out of these six contests, the club sits in last place in the National League West and currently holds a dreadful 24-40 record. From here, there’s only one way to go, and that’s up.

This week’s power rankings update reflects the team’s struggles. Each one of our lists doesn’t cut the Padres much slack. Let’s start with ESPN.

ESPN: 30th

The Phillies may hold baseball’s worst record at 21-40, but the Padres, according to ESPN, are the worst team in baseball. Statistically, there is evidence to back this claim up, especially with the recent struggles of superstar Wil Myers.

If it weren’t for the Phillies, the Padres would have the worst record in the majors. Wil Myers is the team’s best qualified hitter, but his season OPS has dipped under .800 in the past week. As a team, San Diego ranks in the bottom of the majors in average and OBP and bottom five in batting with men on. That’s a really bad combination.

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USA Today: 29th

They do acknowledge that San Diego is playing slightly better baseball than the Phillies, but USA Today clearly doesn’t see the Padres in a positive light. And at this point, why should they? After all, as they point out, the club just sent down one of their top power hitters in Ryan Schimpf. The organization most certainly lacks an identity.

Options Ryan Schimpf, who had a team-high 14 home runs, but was hitting a majors-low .158.

Bleacher Report: 28th

The most generous of these lists, Bleacher Report has the Padres in front of the White Sox and Phillies. Then again, they are down three slots this week in the rankings, so each seems consistent, and it still isn’t good news for San Diego.

Can the Padres recover from a very difficult 10th week of the season and begin to work their way up the power rankings lists? It’s not like they have anywhere south to go. Plus, they’re off to a good start against the Reds. Stay tuned for next week’s update.

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