Padres News: San Diego Padres Ticket Sales Are Up 600%


San Diego Padres CEO, Mike Dee, told Corey Brock that ticket sales for the 2015 season are up an amazing 600% from last year.

Wow, that is an unexpected number. While we all could have predicted the San Diego Padres ticket sales would go up after their memorable off-season, I don’t think anyone predicted a number that high.

While we don’t have the exact numbers available to us currently, we can look at previous seasons to give us an idea of what type of new revenue the Padres could be bringing in after this season.

In March of last year, Forbes published that the Padres had accumulated around $40 million from Gate Receipts. Earlier in October of 2013, put the number closer to $34 million.

If we speculate those number don’t changing much for the 2014 season, then so far the Padres could be looking at around $204-240 million in Gate Receipts alone for 2015.

To give you some idea how large those numbers actually are, the New York Yankees brought in about $265 million in Gate Receipts in 2013.

Talk about getting back on your investment. That’s more than double what the payroll will likely be for 2015. That amount does not even take into account other revenues the Padres bring in like merchandising, concessions, or sponsors.

It just goes to show that these new Padres owners understand something that all previous Padres owners never did. If you actually invest in your team by spending money, bringing in talent and the give fans something exciting to watch, the fans will come. A pretty ballpark is not enough. Fans don’t need to buy a Padres ticket to buy a $10 Coors Light, then can do that at any other bar.

Besides the improved lineup ownership and GM, A.J. Preller, have put together, landing the 2016 All-Star Game may be an even bigger reason. The speculation right now is that you will need to be an existing season ticket holder, and the longer you have been (and how expensive your seats are), will help in determining your place in line to buy them.

So, who out there has their tickets already? Did you buy season tickets? So far I’ve only got mine for Saturday opening weekend.