Padres Rumors: What teams could want Carlos Quentin?

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 The Los Angeles Angels

With the injury to Josh Hamilton, the Angels could also benefit from Carlos Quentin. A week ago, the Designated Hitter looked to be Matt Joyce and C.J. Cron. With Hamilton going down to shoulder surgery, Cron could be in leftfield on opening day. Joyce can also play the outfield.

Matt Joyce has put up some decent numbers in his major league career, but doesn’t hit left-handed pitching very well. There will be a need for a right-handed hitter to platoon with Joyce, could Quentin be that man? Remember Quentin can also man the field when needed, just not at an every day basis.

The Angels definitely have the cash flow to take on Quentin’s salary, but his health dictates it all. They just can’t afford to throw money at a player who struggles to get on the field. Look for the Padres to get Quentin at bats early and often during the first weeks of Spring Training.

You do have to be careful not to overwork him. He is no good to the team injured. If he injures himself and the Padres are on the hook for the whole 8 million that is huge. Almost 10% of the teams projected payroll (Before Ron Fowler’s declaration that the payroll could exceed 100-million), would essentially be for nothing.

The Angels have been strangely quite during the off season. They had been rumored to be discussing deals with other teams for the services of  Hamilton. It appears they are not content with their team, and perhaps they are waiting for Spring Training to start to see where their needs are.

From the Angels, the Padres wouldn’t require much more than a prospect or two. Its fairly obvious to everyone in baseball that Carlos Quentin has no spot on the Padres roster. If someone is willing to gamble that he returns to form, then the Padres will move him in a heart beat.