Padres Rumors: What teams could want Carlos Quentin?

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The Oakland Athletics

You would not traditionally think the Athletics would be interested in a slugger like Carlos Quentin, but he does do what they love most, he gets on base. With a Career .347 on base percentage, it’s just a matter of getting him in the batters box for him to contribute.

As always, its about his health, and getting him the at bats. The current Designated Hitter is Billy Butler. He signed a 3-year 30 million dollar free agent contract this off season, so I imagine his job is secure.

Butler, however can play first base too. Ike Davis, the current starter at first base is hardly a lock there. Even if he does hold onto the job, being left-handed, Butler could play first and Quentin can DH. Carlos Quentin can smash left handed pitching!

Billy Beane is an active General Manager and he is always looking for the competitive edge. If he can get the Padres to pay for some of Quentin’s salary, then I believe he would gamble on the proven American League slugger. The Padres shouldn’t have to pay much of the salary either, it would probably depend on the ilk of the prospect they would get in return.

The Athletics lost Josh Donaldson, Brandon Moss, Derek Norris, John Jaso  and Jed Lowrie from their everyday lineup. The additions of Ben Zobrist, Brett Lawrie, and  Butler help soften the loss, but they still lack a player or two on offense to make the playoffs again. Quentin as a healthy DH/Outfielder can deliver the punch they need.

Oakland and San Diego have paired up on a few deals over the years, this wouldn’t take much to facilitate. Again its the health of Quentin that is truly the key to making anything happen. Oakland is not the type of team to just throw away money.