Padres Rumors: What teams could want Carlos Quentin?

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It’s not a secret that the San Diego Padres would love to move their home town slugger, Carlos Quentin. The real questions are, how are Quentin’s balky knees doing and who could use this potential All-Star bat in their line-up? Early reports indicate he is doing well and ready for the season to start….so now about the potential trade partners.

I have already covered the Detroit Tigers as a possible suitor for Carlos Quentin. With the recent loss of their Designated Hitter, Victor Martinez to a knee injury, they seem like a very possible landing spot. This article will cover other teams possible interest in Carlos Quentin, in an effort to find the power hitter a home.

The asking price on Quentin is sure to be low, basically the Padres want the financial burden of Quentin’s 8-million dollar salary off their books for this year. If they were able to deal him for a prospect or two then they would be ecstatic. An extra 8-million dollars would come in handy, especially if they want to upgrade the team in another area or two.

The problem with Quentin is, as always, his health. I doubt any major league team will take his contract on, unless they are semi convinced he can participate in at least 3 or 4 games a week.

The list of suitors is minimal right now, but if he can show he is healthy, the Padres should have no problem moving him. Being In the correct lineup, with a manager that rests Quentin would do wonders for him.

He really should be an American League player. His days of roaming the outfield are most surely over. He could play the field if necessary, as he never really was a terrible defender on the field. Quentin just needs to limit the amount of time he spends on his arthritic knees. Less running around in the outfield should result in a healthier, more productive Carlos Quentin.

The potential teams are as followed. I did not rank the potential suitors as I believe all have little to some interest in Carlos Quentin. Right-handed power hitters are truly at a premium, and the Padres should eventually find a taker for him.