Padres Editorial: San Diego Padres Biggest Rivals

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Darn that Kevin Towers for getting fired and going to Arizona!

#3 Arizona Diamondbacks

I differ some here from Leitch’s rankings, but you’ll see why it makes more sense later. I just can’t recall too many experiences that would cause the Padres to have a big rivalry against the Diamondbacks.

Besides the fact that the D-backs jumped on the scene as a brand new team in 1998 and then won the World Series in 2001 when the Padres had been plugging along since 1969 with no World Series, what else have they done to the Padres?

I mean generally “Zonies” are known for causing trouble at the bars and beaches in San Diego, so there is that. They are blamed for causing the beach alcohol ban after Beach Brawl Labor Day ’07. They are division rivals so I suppose there is that. Former Padres General Manager Kevin Towers did take the helm of the Diamondbacks after leaving the Padres, but he was FIRED from the Padres and the Diamondbacks last season so that doesn’t work anymore either. The Padres are 140-158 against the D’backs historically, which is pretty close considering that is a lot of games played. Not to mention the fact the D’backs outbid Cuban slugger Yasmany Tomas this off-season.

I actually think the Diamondbacks could be pretty good this season. Depending on what they get out of Tomas and assuming last season was just an adjustment year for Mark Trumbo and Paul Goldschmidt is healthy all season, they certainly should have the mashers to get runs scored. How their pitching staff will hold up is the big question mark, but I expect better things from a young staff.

Also, last season the team was buried by the end of the April and it is just hard to get back from that. Then they lost Goldschmidt and the air went out of their sails. The next two rivalry teams we start getting to the good stuff…