Padres Editorial/Ranking the Padres off-season moves Part 2

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Three-way trade- to San Diego Padres- Wil Myers, Ryan Hanigan, Gerardo Reyes, and Jose Castillo– to Tampa Bay RaysSteven Souza, Travis Ott, Jake Bauers, Rene Rivera, Burch Smith– to Washington NationalsJoe Ross and player to be named later (rumored to be Trea Turner)

This trade really came out of no where. Matt Kemp and Justin Upton were both rumored to be coming to San Diego for weeks, but nobody in the Major League Baseball world knew someone of Myers ability was available. Well, I guess two teams knew (Nationals and Padres).

When I first heard this, I was completely shocked. How could someone like Wil Myers, with all that talent, be available? I mean, he comes with as much minor league hype as can be attained. 2012 in the Kansas City Royals organization Myers hit .314/.387/.600 with 37 homeruns and 109 runs batted in 134 games. That’s just flat-out raking the ball!

The last time in Myers was injured (2011), he rebounded with the before mentioned monster season. At the age of 24 he has unlimited potential. With just a little luck Wil Myers will be the face of The San Diego Padres for years to come.

He is under team control until the 2020 season when he is eligible for free agency. That alone has immense value. We can essentially get the best years out of Myers, and only have to pay him a fraction of his potential worth. Of course he is no guarantee. There is no guarantee in baseball, anything can most surely happen.

The prospects that we dealt to acquire him are very solid. Trea Turner and Joe Ross were both considered top prospects in the Padres farm system. Jake Bauers was a lower level prospect, but still very young and raw. Burch Smith did a decent job in the bullpen for the Padres last season. Losing Rene Rivera was probably the most direct hit to the team as far as immediate damage in this deal.

Rivera would have most surely, started the season as the every day catcher until Hedges was ready. A very solid plan if you ask me. Rivera, a defensive catcher would have mentored Hedges well. Obviously Rivera was a pivotal part of the Myers deal, so I don’t blame AJ Preller for doing it. That’s what I enjoy about AJ Preller, he adapts well on the fly. If Rivera was going to be moved, then plan B (Norris) would  be pulled off. You have to do it, to acquire someone of Wil Myers ilk.

Wil Myers has that kind of appeal. The Tampa Bay Rays fell in love with him in December 2012 when they dealt their ace pitcher “Big Game” James Shields and Wade Davis. A very hefty price tag, but both Shields and Davis led the Royals all the way to the World Series this past year. Now the Padres have the infatuation, and its even rumored the Philadelphia Phillies are also in love with him, demanding Myers in a potential deal for Cole Hamels.

I like Myers a lot, and despite all the strikeouts, I believe he will open some eyes this year. The projections on his numbers will be blown out of the water. If all the stars align, Wil Myers can be the face of the San Diego Padres for the next 15 years. If Myers looks like he is anything close to his potential, look for the Padres to try and look him up long term. Probably not this year, but in the next coming years.