Padres Rumors: Another A.J. Preller Blockbuster Deal???

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Put down those Mega Millions lottery tickets San Diego, because the San Diego Padres have already won the jackpot! The splash that new General Manager A.J. Preller has made is absolutely monumental. For the past 10 years, thousands upon thousands of dormant Padre fans have been hibernating, waiting for a chance to awake. The time is now my friends, we have an ownership and front office that is determined to compete.

I can feel it walking down the streets of San Diego, Padre fever is starting to take over the city. Watching our Padres offensively over the past few seasons, has been painful to say the least. The Padres addressed that need drastically with the additions of Matt Kemp, Justin Upton, Wil Myers, Derek Norris and Will Middlebrooks. Yet after all those changes, the team is still missing a piece or two. We all have heard it. They are too right-handed….they need a shortstop…. what about center field…? With Spring Training just around the corner, we can be assured there will be some more new faces around.

In this day and age, Major League Baseball is changing. The older style of running a team is barbaric. Teams have to adapt, whether it’s a large market team with an inflated payroll, or a small market team floundering to compete. As a franchise you should be always looking for that competitive edge. The modern GM’s of today are gunslingers and treat their respected teams like their fantasy teams. In my eyes, if you aren’t trading, you aren’t’ trying. Fans in this day and age, with Sabermetrics and every stat at their finger tips, demand immediate accountability.

If a player isn’t performing then they are replaced, well to a GM, the same standards apply. If you sit back and do not attempt to improve your team, then you will chastised and then replaced. Mr. Preller is not afraid to make a deal, and the following are potential trades that can help the Padres now and into the future…