Padres Editorial: Friars On Base Ranks Their Favorite Baseball Movies Part I

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Editor’s Note: Since Spring Training for the 2015 season is right around the corner, many of us here at Friars On Base, have differing views on baseball and things relating to baseball, such as our favorite baseball movies. I recently approached several of the staff members and asked them to talk about their favorite baseball movie. Each member summed up what the movie means to them, and why it should be considered a top-10 baseball movie all-time.

Once the ten movies were determined, we had one extra writer submit an eleventh movie for consideration. I then asked the staff to rank these eleven movies, 11 to 1, and these rankings are based upon the averages totaled from the eleven writers involved, including myself. We hope you enjoy this two-part series, as we bring officially bring the winter off-season to a close, and focus upon the spring training camp coming in a few weeks. This is our gift to you, our loyal readers and followers. Thank you! ~Billy Brost, Co-Editor