Padres Editorial: Boom or Bust! All-Time Best/Worst Free Agent Pitchers Part I

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#3 Carl Pavano, New York Yankees (2005) 4 years, $39.95 million

Often hurt and dubbed “American Idle” by the New York Media, Carl Pavano was another mistake by the New York Yankees. Perhaps it was his 2003 World Series (Game 4) masterful performance against the Yankees that first started their infatuation with him.

Despite posting an 18-8 record and 3.00 ERA ( in 2004 for Florida Marlins) the Yankees got hosed by Pavano as he only managed 26 total starts in his four years in Yankee pinstripes. He finished his tumultuous Yankee career with a 9-8 record and a 5.00 ERA to go with a 1.455 WHIP. At $1. 54 million per start, and a ridiculous $4.44 million per win for the Bronx Bombers, Pavano definitely makes this list. He was ushered out of New York with a round of applause as the Yankee faithful could not wait to get rid of this underperformer.