Padres Minor League News: SS Prospects: Who’s Left?

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3. Diego Goris

Current Level: AA

Opening Day Age: 24

B/T: R/R

Height/Weight: 5’10” 215 lbs.

The first thing that pops out is his 215-pound frame.  This may very well land him at second base or third base, but it did not keep him from playing 93 of his 126 games last year at shortstop between Lake Elsinore and San Antonio.  The Dominican-native did predictably poorer while in Double-A, but still hit for a .302/.323/.471/.794 slashline.  Clearly Goris can hit a baseball.  His severe and possibly fatal amount of walks might do him in though.  To have a career OBP only 28 points higher than one’s batting average is a major red flag.

Shockingly, despite his thick build, Goris had a 4.45 range factor per game (4.29 league average).  With fielding like that, he could stay at shortstop.

Because Goris is more developed than Van Meter, he took the number three slot on this list.  He is closer to the majors, but not ready to come up this year.  Maybe 2016, if he can draw some more walks.