Padres Minor League News: SS Prospects: Who’s Left?

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5. Juan Carlos Gamboa

Current Level: Triple-A

Opening Day Age: 23

B/T: L/R

Height/Weight: 5’7″ 155 lbs.

Gamboa played last year in Mexico.  His last year on a minor league roster that was affiliated with a major league team was in 2013.  Gamboa was in low A-ball with the Mets’ organization where in 2013 he had only a .266 OBP.  (This should give you an idea about how thin the minor league teams are at shortstop).  However, in the Mexican leagues, he hit .306/.386/.472/.859, last season.  When he plays in the Mexican leagues, he performs very well.  Otherwise, not so much.

Defensively, he has quite a bit of range, logging a 4.82 range factor per game (league average 4.29).  So he takes away a single one out of every two games that the average NL shortstop would not.

It’s unlikely he will get a shot in the majors though as his hitting is just too inconsistent.