Padres Minor League News: Travis Remillard Suspended for Amphetamine Use


Five Minor League players were suspended Wednesday for violating the Minor League Prevention and Treatment Program, as reported by Dennis Lin of the San Diego Union Tribune. Among them was 21-year old pitcher Travis Remillard, who played last season with the rookie division Arizona League Padres.

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Remillard tested positive for amphetamines, and will have to miss 50 games in a season of just over 50 games. For someone hoping to make a good impression, this is the wrong way to do it. He was drafted in the 13th round of the 2013 draft and last year in 10 1/3 innings posted a 3.38 ERA with one loss. He also walked six and struck out 10.

The other suspended players were free-agent right-handers Carlos Artiles and Felix Bautista, free-agent catcher Kyle Bacak and Astros right-hander Andrew Walter. These are the suspensions that don’t hurt MLB, but can easily ruin the careers of these players. Last year Cameron Maybin was suspended for amphetamine use and started playing again when he came back. Even the Orioles Chris Davis was busted and now he seems to be the hinge player for the Orioles offensively after losing Nelson Cruz and Nick Markakis. Will the Padres even bother keeping Remillard on the roster? He certainly will have a lot to prove – both that he belongs in general and that any success he did/does have isn’t drug-related. An uphill climb to be sure.

In the hierarchy, certainly PED’s have a worse reputation and rumors swirl that amphetamine – or “greenies” – were of rampant use in the 70’s and 80’s. Yet enforcing the revamped drug use is pretty clear about getting the sport clean again, and I am all for it. Actions have consequences.

Cleaning up the sport can only help things, and it’s unfortunate for Remillard that he got caught up using drugs. Let it be a cautionary tale.