Padres’ Top 10 All-Star Moments: 5-1

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#1. “Best Night Ever.”

Despite the 1994 All-Star Game not counting in the standings, Tony Gwynn called the ASG of 1994 one of the “best nights of his career.”

The National League had carried a six-game losing streak going into the 1994 All-Star Game in Pittsburgh, that losing streak would be over once T.G. crossed home plate!

Going into the 10th inning, the game was tied at seven. Gwynn had opened the 10th inning with a hit off of American League pitcher Jason Bere. The next batter was Moises Alou of the now extinct Montreal Expos, who hit a double to left-center. Gwynn was on his hustle going from second and rounding third, barely beating the tag from catcher Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez of the Texas Rangers at home plate and the National League went on to win in 10 innings, 8-7. “I remember sliding across the plate,” Gwynn later recalled. “I popped up into the air, signaled safe and started the celebration. It was a very emotional moment. It was a very emotional game.”