Padres’ Top 10 All-Star Moments: 10-6

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9. Teddy Ballgame And Tony Gwynn

This would be the final time a Padre has been selected to start an All-Star back in 1999 at Boston’s Fenway Park. The Fenway faithful were greeted by hall of famer and war veteran Ted Williams being driven in on a golf cart from the outfield to near home plate to throw out the games first pitch.

On July 13, 1999, two of the games greatest hitters were next to each other for the final time, Ted Williams and Tony Gwynn. Gwynn helped Ted Williams throw out the ceremonial first pitch to home plate that night. Gwynn and Williams for years throughout Gwynn’s career was always showing Tony how to be a better hitter and Tony was a student of the game. That night Gwynn did not play due to injury.