Padres Prospect Spotlight: Cody Decker


Do you know who one of the best Padres prospects is? Do you know who has the Padres minor league home run record?  Well if you don’t know who I’m talking about, his name is Cody Decker. Cody was drafted by the San Diego Padres in the 22nd round of the MLB First Year Player Draft in 2009.

He went to Santa Monica High School in Santa Monica, California and then went on to attend UCLA. In 2009, his rookie year with the Padres organization, do you know what he did? He was named a Topps Short-Season Rookie All-Star. Keep in mind this is only his rookie year. The next year, in 2010, he was named a San Diego Organization All-Star and in the same year was named the Short-Season Best Hitter of the Year. Last but not least, in this minor league accomplishment list, he was Texas League Player of the Week twice.

Decker who is entering his free agent walk year, has had some impressive numbers at the minor league level. Let’s start with Single A level shall we, he hit at a .111 average, but he only played in 7 games and had 2 hits, so that’s a small sample size to go off of. At the Double A level, things looked much different however. He has hit at an average of .249 playing in 163 games with 139 hits during 3 seasons at the Double A level. Those look better right? I think so.

Well what’s next? Triple A! At the Triple A level, Decker continued to impress, in three seasons at the Triple A level, he played in 279 games hitting .259 with 228 hits, which is pretty good through three seasons, especially at that level.

This year I think you can see Cody Decker playing hard this year so he can get a chance at the Major League level. I hope that the Padres see this guy’s potential and call him up so he can get his first Major League at-bat in 2015.

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Cody Decker is also known for his huge social media presence. If you’re a Padre fan, and on social media platforms, especially Twitter, and you don’t know who Cody Decker is, you should definitely follow him at @Decker6. He is very humorous and the fans that do follow him, love that about him. Here is to hoping that 2015 is the year Cody Decker gets his long overdue, much deserved big league debut!