What’s Left In The Padres Minor League System?


Do you know who has one of the best minor league systems in Major League Baseball? It’s our San Diego Padres! The Padres have so much depth in their minor league system that they were able to use some of those pieces to get some of the power bats that they have on their Major League roster right now. The list of players that were in the Padres minor league system until they were traded were Trea Turner, Max Fried, Zach Eflin, Joe Ross, Joe Wieland, Mallex Smith, Jace Peterson, R.J. Alvarez, Johnny Barbato, Jake Bauers, and last but certainly not least Dustin Peterson. All of these players were very valuable prospects that the Padres were able to trade for big name major league talent. If you don’t call that depth then I don’t know what you would call it.

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However, the Padres still have a lot of prospects they can call up and use at the big league level or use as trade bait. So if there is one thing the Padres’ front office and A.J. Preller are using to their advantage, it’s the Padres deep farm system. I look for the Padres to keep using their deep farm system . Hunter Renfroe has numbers of 30/ 50+ for hitting 65/65 on Raw Power and his Game Power is at 30/60, run stats are at 55/55, Field is at 45/50 and finally his throw stats are at 60/60.

These are impressive numbers for a prospect, and this is just the beginning for Padres prospects. There are several more in the Padres system that add so much to the Padres depth, that it makes their farm system one of the best in the Majors. Look for names like Austin Hedges, who happens to be the #1 overall catching prospect in all of baseball,with impressive Numbers, his numbers look like this: Hit: 50, Power: 50, Run: 40, Arm: 65, Field: 65, Overall: 60, along with Rymer Liriano who has numbers that aren’t too shabby either, his are: Hit: 50, Power 50, Run: 55, Arm: 55, Field 55, with an overall of 50.  and Matt Wisler, who has impressive pitching numbers himself, his numbers as the 2nd overall prospect for the Swinging Friars looks like this: Fastball: 60, Curveball: 45, Changeup: 60,Control: 60, and Overall: 55,and many others to be involved in trade talks, or brought to the bigs in the coming seasons.Names Like Casey Kelly, who is in the top 10 of Padres Prospects, with numbers like this: Fastball: 60,Curveball: 50, Changeup: 55, Control: 56, and overall: 50. Does Taylor Lindsey ring a bell? He’s number 8 on the Padres Prospect list and his Numbers are why, here they are: Hit: 50, Power: 45, Run: 40, Arm: 45, Field: 50, with an Overall of 50. Hopefully this next name rings a bell Friar Faitful. Cory Spangenberg anyone? Who got called up last season and hit a walkoff home run in his first Major League at- bat. Well here is the reason he got called up, his numbers! While they arent the best they aren’t horrible either, here they are, Hit: 50, Power: 20, Run: 70, Arm: 40, Field: 45, and an Overall of 45. Last but certainly not least Alex Dickerson who you may or may not have heard of, he is # 15 on the Padres Prospect list, and with these numbers it’s easy to see why, Hitting: 50, Power: 50, Run: 40, Arm: 50, Field: 45, and an overall of 45. Believe it or not this just scrapes the surface of the Padres farm system, all of these names mentioned are in the top 20 of the Padres system! Make Sure to keep checking back here with us at Friars On Base as we will continue to cover the Padres Minor League System!