10 Bold Padres Predictions For 2015


We have reached the end of 2014. While the 2014 season wasn’t exactly the best for the San Diego Padres, the off-season certainly has been interesting and entertaining. A.J. Preller has certainly brought new life into the organization. What does 2015 hold in store for the Padres? I’m going to look into my crystal ball with 10 bold predictions for the Padres season.

1. By the end of the month, Wil Myers will be on his way to Philadelphia in a package for Cole Hamels

2. Justin Upton is re-signed to a big six year extension before the end of Spring Training

3. Hamels leads the team with 18 wins

4. Brandon Morrow and Josh Johnson combine to make 10 starts. Morrow comes back as reliever the second half of the season.

5. Cameron Maybin and Will Venable platoon in centerfield for the Padres

6. Takashi Toritani signs before January 15th and hits .280 out of the lead-off spot

7. Gaby Sanchez is signed and splits first with Yonder Alonso

8. Matt Kemp plays in 130 games and after struggling until Memorial Day, catches fire and hits 25 homers

9. Joaquin Benoit leads the NL in saves

10. The Padres finish with 85 wins and miss the playoffs

Those are my predictions for 2015. What are some of yours? Leave them at the bottom and happy new year!