Padres Rumors: Padres Interested In Brandon Morrow?


The Padres made a big move this week in acquiring Matt Kemp. The Padres have some pitching depth, even with what they traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers in the Kemp trade. The Padres have some pitching depth and it’s possible they might be adding another arm in the not too distant future.

Morrow hasn’t thrown more than 100 innings in a season since 2012. He’s only thrown more than 150 innings once in his big league career due to a history of arm problems. What does the interest in Morrow mean? Well first does an addition of Morrow mean the end of signing Josh Johnson? Both have extensive injury histories, can you afford to have both of them as part of your rotation?

Even with the depth they have, can you afford two injury prone pitchers?

What role does Morrow want? I think Morrow would be excellent coming out of the bullpen. Combining him with Kevin Quackenbush, R.J. Alvarez and Alex Torres in front of Joaquin Benoit could be a fantastic combination out of the bullpen.

If Morrow starts, does that mean a trade for one of their top starters is coming? Does that mean Justin Upton or another bat is heading to San Diego?

Stay tuned, this could get real interesting.