Winter Meetings Will Be Huge For San Diego Padres


The San Diego Padres continue to search for an impact move this off season and their biggest opportunity is coming up. The Winter Meetings begin on Monday and all of baseball’s general managers will come together to at a luxury hotel in… Oh hey! They’re going to be in San Diego. That’s funny!  Anyway, the coming week will be huge for the Padres and many Friars fans should expect a flashy move on the horizon.

Do you remember those nights when you and a bunch of friends are hanging out together in one room? One friend suggests something, an idea for something to do that at first sounds totally ridiculous. But after awhile of talking about it that idea starts to sound like a really good idea.

Before you know it, you’re rolling off your roof in a garbage can or something like that. That’s pretty much what the Winter Meetings are like. Teams get together and start talking and eventually trades formulate out of the blue. Free agent negotiations start to snowball and dominoes fall left and right.

The Padres have been one of the most aggressive teams this off season and have been major players for some of the best free agents available. Recently, they’ve been linked to stars in trade talks with for Matt Kemp (Los Angeles Dodgers) and Jay Bruce (Cincinnati Reds) and using their strong farm system to acquire a player of that caliber is a major possibility.

San Diego is in major need of outfield help and a star like Kemp, who the Dodgers would like to trade, would be a big boost for the roster. Maybe they strike a deal for free agent outfielder Melky Cabrera or first baseman Kendrys Morales.

The Padres need an upgrade and the Winter Meetings is the hot spot for breaking news and big time news. If General Manager A.J. Preller can secure someone who can significantly impact the team in 2015 and beyond it would mean big things for the team going forward.

But, he has to capitalize on opportunities and be willing to give up talent to acquire talent. The Winter Meetings are upon us and the Padres’ need to shine. They have been very aggressive so far but they have to keep it up to find success in 2015.