Padres 5 Worst Moments Of 2014

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MLB commissioner Bud Selig. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

#3 Allan Huber “Bud” Selig Hall Of Fame Plaza

That’s right, there’s a part of Petco Park that is named after the Commissioner who has absolutely ZERO ties to baseball in San Diego. After all, he was a former Milwaukee Brewers owner for heaven sakes. People off the bat believed that this was named for Selig because the Padres would basically be a slam-dunk to get an All-Star Game in San Diego if they honor the exiting commissioner of Major League Baseball. This would be the first time hosting an All-Star Game since old Jack Murphy Stadium in 1992. But really, the Padres are next in line to get one anyway, even without having to name a part of Petco Park after Selig.

The Padres for some time passed on hosting an All-Star Game and agreed to host some of the World Baseball Classic games. Now that the Padres haven’t been in the rotation for the WBC, it’s been overdue for San Diego to host the Mid-Summer classic. Naming a plaza after Selig made no sense and is now a continuation of a long list of questionable ownership decisions since John Moores made the Padres available for sale. The Padres struck out on Jeff Moorad, let’s hope they don’t go down 0-2 on Mike Dee and Ron Fowler.