San Diego Sundays: 5 Things To Watch For In The Off Season

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Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The San Diego Padres were officially eliminated from the postseason this week, and it’s not all that surprising. The team had a lot of problems scoring runs, and were often dysfunctional in other parts of the game. The sold off their stars in Chase Headley, Huston Street and Chris Denorfia and bulked up the farm system. The organization made some personnel changes and sent the franchise on a new course to return to relevancy.

The second half of the season was dramatic as the Friars somehow became the team to beat in the National League. Unfortunately, after a miserable first half, Hollywood movies couldn’t even write a tale that led San Diego to overcome the Dodgers and the Giants and make the playoffs. So, statistically, the Padres season is coming to an end and the bitter chill of fall is washing over us (Maybe not in San Diego but you get it.) as another uneventful summer has wasted away.

But, there’s still more headlines to come! The off-season will yield some interesting scenarios and ideas for the coming 2015 Padres’ campaign. Oh yes, there should be some fun stuff to watch and follow soon enough. Baseball never ends, so what do the Friars faithful have to look out for in the off-season?