Where Is This Former Padres Shortstop Khalil Greene?


It all began in 2003, the Padres were closing the Q out that year, opening a new era with Petco Park the following year, after another sub-par season in 03’, but not completely. A golden-haired shortshop from Clemson was called-up in September and the buzz began leading into his first full season at Petco Park.

A Padres’ fan favorite at shortstop from 2004 to 2008, Khalil Greene, his jerseys, shirts, signs, were all over Petco. Some of his more memorable times was the night the Padres played the Chicago Cubs on retro night, making one spectacular play after another and the following year in 2005, hitting a game-tying grand-slam in the 9th which led to Ramon Hernandez hitting another homer later in extras, to beat the Washington Nationals (I would know, I was there that night. That’s why I chose it.) Every now and then, even in 2014 people still ask, what exactly happened to Khalil aka Spicoli?

Well eventually his progress went down as he battled injuries. He was then later traded to the St. Louis Cardinals for reliever Tim Worrell and reliable bullpen set-up man Luke Gregerson (Now with the Oakland Athletics.) While he beat himself up in San Diego, it got worse in St. Louis, Khalil couldn’t handle making mistakes and moving on from them, it really got to Khalil.

Greene didn’t verbally express his faults, but when he made a mistake, he took it out on himself to an extreme. “He had some things he would do on and off the field,” (Adam) Wainwright said. “On the field he would scrape his hands real hard on the clay and scratch himself. He would scratch his arms real bad with his fingernails. You could tell he was just battling so hard. He was really grinding mentally with the expectation to go out and get a hit every time. That can weigh on you.”  Via Rob Rains of StL Sports Page.

Okay so I know what you’re asking. Just where the heck is he?! Well, nobody really knows. After his last signing in 2010 with the Texas Rangers for a minor-league contract, he decided to disappear.  “I prefer to be anonymous.” at the time he said in 2007. So it’s to no surprise to anyone he would just disappear.  If anyone’s to guess, he’s most likely with his wife and two children in South Carolina, away from baseball, away from stress and being his own harshest critic.

Keep The Faith.