Maybin Looking for More Playing Time


The Padres center fielder, Cameron Maybin in a recent interview with San Diego Union Tribune says he feels like he can do more at the plate with more at-bats on an everyday basis. Maybin also says that he is going to play in the Dominican Winter League this off-season to improve his game for next year, and after his suspension and injuries, he also states he wants more reps as well. [related-topic]

Although Maybin has 2 years left on his contract, with $7 million owed to him in 2015 and $8 million owed to him in 2016, Maybin is due $15 million dollars in the last 2 years of his contract, with a $9 million dollar team option for 2017. Although the way Maybin speaks in his interview, it leads us to believe that he thinks he could be traded. Maybin says:

“…a big part of going to the Dominican Republic is making sure I am ready for Spring Training so I can help whoever- mainly the Padres.”                                                                                                                                               (h/t, Jeff Saunders-UT-San Diego)

With all of the problems the Padres have faced this year, one of them being the injury and recent arrest of Evereth Cabrera, and the injuries to Carlos Quentin and also to staff ace Andrew Cashner, Cameron Maybin seems like a piece the Padres could keep because he has little trade value, and with the likely changes coming for both Evereth Cabrera and Carlos Quentin, Maybin might just be spared for the time being until his value increases. Maybin is hitting .248 with 1 home run and 11 RBI in 87 games this year.