TinCaps Run Ends in Semifinals


In a season where the Padres minor league teams struggled mightily, seeing the Fort Wayne TinCaps make a run into the postseason was a sign of life from the farm system. On Sunday, their great second half run came to a halt.

After falling into a 4-1 hole early in the game the TinCaps rallied for 3 runs in the 8th on a John Nestor double and an error. Now in a 4-4 game late, the TinCaps couldn’t make any stupid mistakes in they wanted  to win, but Jake Bauers committed an error to lead to the winning run that sealed their fate.

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It would have been great to see the TinCaps win it all this year, but it’s hard to call this season anything other than a complete success. It’s hard to judge the overall performance of the team, because players constantly come and go, but any time a team goes as far as the TinCaps go, you are pleased. Players like Jake Bauers and Trea Turner blossomed into players who look like they’re part of the team’s future, while others who played a smaller role in the team’s success also got a chance to show off their strengths in the middle of a minor league pennant race.

It was great season for the TinCaps and everyone who played a role. As those players grow and move up, hopefully the success will follow them.