Padres Kick Off Series With the D-Backs

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Mandatory Credit: Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

Just when it looked like the Padres were going to start playing compelling baseball this year, they fall back to the same old Padres. The team has now lost 6 of their last 8 games, but ironically enough it’s been the pitching that’s let them down. The offense has put up 4 runs a game over that stretch, but the pitching staff that has been one of the best in baseball has shown some weakness.

Now the staff will get a crack at one of the worst lineups in baseball in the Arizona Diamondbacks. The team ranks 16th in batting average, 25th in OBP, 14th in slugging percentage and 26th in fWAR. While it may not be as bad as the Padres, it’s still not an offense t be proud of. They’ve also sent off Martin Prado and Gerrado Parra, who may not be fantastic hitter, it’s still a blow to their already weak lineup.

For the Padres this is exactly the team they needed to see at low point like their at right now.