Padres Minor League Roundup For August 11th

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The big news from last night didn’t come from the prospects on the farm, but rather the highly anticipated arrival of the Padres #6 overall prospect, Rymer Liriano. Liriano looked great on the field and appeared to fit well with the team. Although he was unable to connect for his first hit, Liriano showed hustle in the outfield and patience at the plate. He did manage to get on base when he was hit by a pitch in the fourth inning and drove in his first Major League RBI when he was robbed of a hit on a bases loaded “sacrifice fly” to the center fielder on a sliding catch. The Padres looked like a better team with Liriano in the lineup and went on to win 4-3.

As for the farm, it was a rather quiet night. The San Antonio Missions, Lake Elsinore Storm, and Fort Wayne Tincaps all had the night off while El Paso and Eugene both played games on the road. With Rymer Liriano getting called up, a hole has opened up in Triple A for someone to emerge as the next top hitting prospect. And believe me, there’s no shortage of talent. There is still plenty to get excited about in El Paso, and there are a few guys who might get the next call up.

With both other Single A affiliates having the night off, the Eugene Emeralds were finally given a night of their own to shine. The minor league season is winding down, and the Padres front office will be assessing the team for standouts to move up to the next level in 2015. Unfortunately for the Ems, no one was able to create separation from the pack last night.