Padres Weekly Preview

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Two consistent Padres hitters congratulate each other. Mandatory Credit: Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports


Right now the Padres are playing very good baseball. A season that early on everything could only go wrong – now everything is going right. You know those plays I’m talking about right? When a player hits a blooper that falls in the middle of three players, then the ball is overthrown to second and the player ends up on third when it should’ve been caught? That play happened to Tommy Medica on Sunday. Yet where earlier in the year that play would’ve been Tommy missing the ball in the outfield and then overthrowing it to the infield, it was Tommy hitting the ball this time around.

Or how about seeing your team load the bases in a tie game with no one out and fail to score? The Padres made that a daily occurrence early in the season. Now they held the Braves scoreless last Sunday, then won in extra innings.

Sure, Baseball Prospectus puts the Padres odds at only .6% of getting a playoff spot, but what do they know anyway right? After all, the Rockies and D’backs have a 0% chance, so if the Padres can just beat up on them maybe they can make a dent in this wild card deficit. Alas though the playoffs are a long shot – there are a lot of good reasons to watch the Padres finish out this season, starting with Tommy Medica and Rymer Liriano.