Padres Weekly Preview: Sizzling August Ahead

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Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports


The Padres are playing two other teams this week that have had their share of disappointments this season. The Pirates were hoping to be a little better off in the division, and both the Twins and Padres were hoping to actually make wild card pushes right about now. The Padres roster has turned over the most certainly in the last two weeks alone, but so far that mix has been working. I wouldn’t completely count out the Twins, but if push comes to shove I think the Padres have more to prove there. The Pirates I think are the opposite, as they fight to make the playoffs two years in a row after a 21 year absence of even a winning record.

I think the Padres will two game sweep the Twins, and manage only 1 of 3 from the Pirates for an average 3-2 with 2 rest days on the week.