Padres Weekly Preview: Sizzling August Ahead

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Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Pirates Preview

After the Twins they head to Pittsburgh for a few games against last year’s Cinderella team, the Pittsburgh Pirates. This year the Milwaukee Brewers are looking to be the NL Central surprise, and have led most of the season. However, the Cardinals have won two straight since losing 2 of 3 to the Padres and made some trade deadline moves to get better.

Newcomer and postseason stalwart John Lackey picked up his first win with this team on Sunday. The Pirates did not make any moves, which is surprising because they need some help. They are 1.5 games out of first, but have struggled this season to get into long winning streaks. Edinson Volquez is still in their starting rotation for example. Right.

But the offense is still there, and don’t forget the mental edge this team might have over some others. They now HAVE won and made it into the playoffs instead of the years where they did not. They are a team that knows how to fight.