Week In Review: Padres Offensive Explosion

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Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Trade Deadline Recap

There were a lot of rumors about what the Padres were going to do or not going to do as the deadline approached. On the deadline itself, the Padres’ only deal was trading Chris Denorfia to the Seattle Mariners for Abraham Almonte and minor league pitcher Stephen Kohlscheen. As discussed above, this seems like a good trade for both teams. Honestly, with both the performance of Almonte and Denorfia, neither team has too much to lose in the deal. And of course Jesse Hahn was that “minor league pitcher” not too long ago himself. So you never know.

Chase Headley was traded last week as well for Yangervis Solarte and minor leaguer Rafael De Paula. The Yankees seem to be reaping early rewards on this one, with Chase delivering the game-winning hit his first night with the new team. Solarte is hitting .318 so far with the Padres and has 2 home runs in just 44 at-bats; after only hitting 6 with the Yankees in 252 AB’s.

The trade that started it all of course was Huston Street and minor-leaguer Trevor Gott going to the Angels in exchange for Taylor Lindsey, Jose Rondon, R.J. Alvarez and Elliot Morris. This one only time will tell it’s effectiveness, though the Angels have gotten the early end of the stick. Street hasn’t allowed a run yet and has 6 saves in 12 days as an Angel.