El Paso Chihuahuas Unveil Uniform For “Bark At the Park”


Apparently, the Chicago White Sox shorts uniforms of the 1976 baseball season might have company for worst uniforms when the El Paso Chihuahuas’ unveiled their uniform for “Bark at the Park” on August 3rd. However, I guess the looks of the uniforms is going to be in the eye of the beholder.

In all seriousness, the Chihuahuas’ will be wearing the uniforms for a good causes when the jerseys will be auctioned off after the game with the proceeds going to the Humane Society of El Paso. Despite the uncharacteristic look of the uniform, it is drawing praise and receiving great responses from fans and the media.

Nate Scott of USA Today added, “They are truly a sight to behold. Majestic, regal and refined, the jerseys show the zoomed-in-face of a chihuahua on the front. Sports, like me, will never be the same.”

Mark Townsend of Yahoo Sports states, “Let us assure you, they are awesome! Perhaps a little creepy, too, with those large eyes zeroing in on you. But they are definitely creative and above all else memorable.”

ESPN rarely covers anything outside of the popular sports anymore took the time to acknowledge the El Paso uniforms with this tweet.

The one aspect that makes baseball one the greatest sports for fans is the owners and organization push to involve the local community, especially in the minor league level. The Padres’ are constantly giving back to the community whether its military appreciation night or relief aid, so seeing the El Paso Chihauhaus reach out to help a local group with the assistance is another way to say thank you.