Padres Sign Risedorf and Aikenhead


The Padres’ Sixth Round Selection Zach Risedorf with mandatory credit going to

The Padres can check off two more names off their list of unsigned draftees. They reached agreements with their 6th round pick, Northwestern Regional High School catcher Zach Risedorf, and 32nd round pick, California State Bakersfield ace Taylor Aikenhead. This now leaves just 16 of the Padres’ 40 draftees unsigned.

Risedorf gained his great reputation through his defense. Scouts have raved about his stellar arm, and his quick release on throws to second base has turned heads. Due to the fact that he is coming straight out of high school, he will be very raw, and for a guy who isn’t known for his offense that could be a problem. He’ll have plenty of time to develop and hopefully refine the skills he needs to be successful in the majors. You can read David Warren’s full profile on him here.

Aikenhead is a less sexy prospect. He wasn’t a high school superstar, nor did he play for a big name college program. All he did was perform at a high level wherever he went. His senior year he posted 3.07 ERA with an 8-7 record. He’s a long shot to even reach the majors, but with his work ethic, anything is possible.

Hopefully we’ll see this pair as battery mates in the big leagues in the not too distant future. In the interim though, they’ll be hard at work honing their skills to make themselves better ballplayers.