X-Rays Come Back Negative On Yasmani Grandal’s Hand


The Padres and Yasmani Grandal had a big scare in the bottom of the seventh inning of Tuesday night’s game when Yasmani Grandal got called for catcher interference on a hard swing from the powerful Paul Goldschmidt. Grandal immediately started walking towards the dugout before he had to stop, doubled over from the intense pain.

As you can see from the slow motion angle, Goldschmidt hits him directly on the top of the hand.

A swing right on the top of the hand is never good news, but Grandal was grateful it wasn’t any worse:

"“I was expecting them [training staff] to tell me I had a broken pinkie and a fractured knuckle”"

It looks like it ended up being a burst blood vessel, which should only keep him out for a few games.

Tandem catcher Rene Rivera will most likely start on Wednesday, and fortunately the team is off on Thursday, and they expect Grandal to be ready to play again when they resume action in Chicago against the White Sox. Even though they have two open spots on the 40-man roster, a catcher call-up seems extremely unlikely.

The irony of the entire situation is the recent Nick Hundley trade, because this is the first time all year they no longer have three catchers on the active roster. Had Grandal needed more time to recover, the Padres would be in a much tougher spot. But here’s hoping to a quick and speedy recovery.