New San Diego Padres Farm Hand Jake Goebbert Settling In


Newly acquired Jake Goebbert. Mandatory Credit: Courier-Sun

By all accounts, one of the newest members of the San Diego Padres’ extended family is taking the upheaval inherent with being a minor leaguer in stride.

Last week the winds of change swooped up 26-year-old outfielder Jake Goebbert and deposited him along the Mexico border. From a Rivercat to a Chihuahua. And with the move, a chance for the sixth year man out of Northwestern University to impress a new organization.

Goebbert, a career .291/.373/.471 hitter with 60 home runs and 344 RBI, outlined his trade rumor filled week for’s Corey Brock.

As he told Brock, Goebbert is no stranger to minor league trades. In the 2012-13 off-season he was moved to the A’s from the Astros, the team that took him in the 13th round of the 2009 draft. Now he is on to his third organization in two years.

With a home run and three hits over his first five games, his game does not seem to be affected by any mental strain that comes with a fresh start in a third organization. But even if he remains up-beat and finds plenty of places along the Rio Grande to visit with his wife (something he told Brock he makes a priority), will Triple-A continue to be the same ceiling he hit with both Houston and Oakland?

Clearly Goebbert’s lack of ML service time and multiple options make him an attractive choice for the shuttle squad should injuries continue for the Padres. But even still, he is in El Paso where there are some guys with ML chops that could stand in his way of advancement.