T-Rex Threw Out The First Pitch in San Diego


VIDEO: T-Rex throws out first pitch for Padres; mandatory credit notsportscenter.com

It has already been a strange enough season for Padres’ fans with the disappearing act of the club’s offense, but things got even weirder before Wednesday afternoon’s contest with the Royals when a Tyrannosaurus Rex from the show “Walking With Dinosaurs” threw out the ceremonial first pitch.

Despite its size and lack of throwing motion, the baby T-Rex managed to get the ball to home plate from its mouth. Perhaps, Padres’ pitching coach Darren Balsley gave some helpful points to the dinosaur beforehand, and it wouldn’t be surprising if he did the way the pitching staff has performed so far this season,

The ceremonial first pitch is a staple of the game. Over its long history, there’s been a wide array of different types of first pitches from rock stars to animals. Some are incredibly emotional such as President George W Bush’s first pitch at Yankee Stadium following the attacks on 9/11 to a soldier reuniting with his family at home plate.

Yet, there are some first pitches that are downright awful. Hands down, one of the worst first pitches was The Howard Stern Show producer Gary Dell’abate’s, whose toss hit the group of umpires fifteen feet to the right.

Here is the toss for those that need a reminder or seeing it for the first time.

The Padres using the T-Rex is just another in a long line of weird ceremonial first pitches, but it’s almost a guarantee that another organization is planning a much larger production in the upcoming days.