Padres Luck Out in Home Run Contest


Padres fans didn’t quite hit it out of the park in Saturday’s home run contest. Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Well, it certainly was a fun idea if nothing else.

When the Padres announced they would be having a contest that if you could hit a home run on one shot and win season tickets, the internet buzzed about what a good idea it was.  From a PR standpoint, it was a great success and I hope for more fun fan events like this in the future.  Nice job Steven Ziff – the new Padres senior VP for sales and service.

Predictably however, no one won the contest.  Not to say it wasn’t a fun time though.  Did we really expect anyone to homer though when the Padres have a tough time?

Donavan McNabb and Ephraim Salaam showed up from Fox Sports for a hack at #SwingSD, but failed as well.

Matt Weightman came the closest, but perhaps in the end wasn’t all that mattered?  Perhaps it was more about chasing that impossible dream, of being 5 years old in your backyard.  Your name announced over the new Petco PA system.  You dig in with your back heel, holding up your hand to tell the umpire to take his time.  You lock in, staring down the pitcher, and it comes at you.

Yes Andy.  I’m telling you there’s a chance.