Padres and Time Warner Play Nice


Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

In the winter of Win-Win trades for the Padres along with smart Free Agent acquisitions, the business and operations side of the Padres organization decided to get in on the positive action and do something well.  The Padres and Time Warner Cable agreed to end what can only be described as a two year long Lose-Lose stalemate.  For two long years, cable giant Time Warner Cable, with an estimated hold on some 22% of north county residents did not carry the Padres, while its competitors did.  For two long years, the Padres contractual content provider, Fox Sports San Diego, and the Padres organization lost a direct connection with its fan base, an estimated 185K households.  In the era of dwindling market shares and fan bases, being forgotten or being lost is deadly.  In this recession era, with Superbowl ticket prices dwindling and playoff football teams having issues selling out home games – it is time to remember who really runs baseball, the fans.

Well I’m glad all the selfishness has ended, the day right before the special San Diego run-off election for mayor.  Coincidence? Probably.  More likely, positive engagement between the new ownership group, as well as what appears to be an auspicious upswing in skill level from the Padres led to an agreement. Perhaps Time Warner’s renewed interest came from hearing respected baseball journalists Buster Olney and Peter Gammons, amongst others starting to consider the Padres as a dark horse for 2014 and even possible wild-card contender.

When teams win and play good ball games, fans have a good time.  When fans have a good time, they show up at the ball park or they watch their team on the television.  It’s simple and it’s easy.  It looks like all the players are finally getting together to play ball and that is a great thing.  Go Padres!