Open Try Outs for Padres Public Announcer


Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The San Diego Padres organization announced that after 10 years, they are heading in a new direction with the PA (Public Announcer) position and are launching open try outs next Sat Jan 25th from 9am – 4pm on a first come first served basis.  No prior experience necessary, although a commitment to work every home game, including day games is a requisite.  I quickly Googled the average salary of a PA announcer and I will tell you this is not a high paying salary at all considering the cost of living and housing prices here in San Diego.  But the side perk is clearly being able to attend all Padres home games.  Although that is a commitment considering day games and being able to work out a schedule with the 9 – 5 day job.

Hmmm.  I already write for free here, mostly for the love of the Padres.  Should I try out?  I don’t have a deep booming voice, or a Bruce Buffer like trademark or style of speaking.   San Diego broadcasters, bloggers and personalities of interest are already starting to generate tweets to prep their candidacy.  I need to use my twitter @escadawg more.  But it should be fun, an American Idolesque adventure for us semi-pro amateur sports writers and enthusiasts, and just fans in general.  Try out for the experience and have fun with it.

Open try outs conclude with eliminations down to semi-finalists, with Fans selecting the top three at the upcoming Padres Fanfest Feb 8.  Final three will be selected by the San Diego Padres organization.  Come one and come all, and let’s have fun with it, try out for the experience, Sat Jan 25th Petco Park.